A production company operating in the furnishing industry since 1959, that has gradually evolved and consolidated the success of “Made in Italy”

A strong team of highly qualified professionals forms the company’s operating staff. From master carpenters to specialist technicians. The company was created from a passion for traditional craft of the founder Luigi Volpi and grew over the years in partnership with his three children.Tradition and innovation combine to pave the way to new eye-catching milestones from classic to latest generation.

Raw materials

The first step towards the finished product is the choice of real wood, the raw material that creates refined design projects.

Volpi has always been keen on the selection of raw materials. Prime-quality, first-choice materials are behind the unsurpassed aesthetic effect of our product collections. To Volpi, quality is synonymous with product reliability and duration, an ongoing quest for new original fabrics and rigorous quality checks on suppliers.

Superior craftsmanship

The prestige of handicraft work makes each product unique.

Wood carving and wood inlaying are traditional cabinet-making techniques. For its collections, Volpi combines them with fine, hand-applied gold and silver leaf decorations and hand paintings. In addition, brass handles and other brass elements can be fitted on the furniture piece on demand, with each brass item finely processed by lost-wax precision casting.

Technological innovation

Technology as a plus to achieve superior quality

In its unswerving effort to achieve absolute quality, Volpi has improved its traditional methods with the use of new-generation woodworking and lacquering machines. Our factory has recently inaugurated its own PV plant to ensure eco-friendly processes throughout its production chain.


Renewable energy for environment-friendly production

Volpi is an international company that has maintained a strong relationship with its region, tuscany. A unique region that has made art, traditional workmanship and nature its heritage, to be cared for and respected. For this reason, Volpi recently installed a photovoltaic plant offering co2 emission savings and the reduction to a minimum of its environmental impact. The timber we use originates from certified forests. We also use paints and varnishes free from heavy metals and our packaging is adhesive-free to facilitate waste separation and recycling. Responsibility and work ethics that add to the social value and economic development of the region.